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Affordable Web Design for Business

Information Gallery focuses on the small and medium size business. Specializing in smaller information sites with 10-30 pages.

We offer quick turnaround with affordable rates and modern designs. 


We follow the the 3 click rule. (you should be able to find anything on your site in 3 clicks) We like sites with less than 30 pages. Most small business don't need more than that.
Todays modern website need to be reactive too. That means it should be viewable on tablets and smartphones.


Although we're not trying to break any speed records, most small businesses want their Website up and running quickly. Information Gallery can get most sites up and running in less than a week. From concept, layout, and design, to final approval, we get you on the web quickly.


Reasonable pricing is what we all want. Most original websites today cost about $1000 per page. If you want fancy graphics and Flash animations, the costs could triple. Information Gallery uses a variety of low cost and no cost sources to find high quality graphics. Our animations are simple and effective, used to drive home the point. If you don't have thousands to spend, we just might be your design company.


Of course none of this matters if is doesn't look good.  We prefer to work within your reasonable budget, that your business can afford and turn out a product that will delight you for the money spent.

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